The Bialowieza Forest in Minecraft



The Białowieża Forest is one of the last remaining primeval forests in Europe.

To raise awareness of the forest, and to help protect it from excessive logging, GeoBoxers were asked to create Białowieża in Minecraft for Greenpeace Poland.

The Minecraft version of Białowieża covers an area of approximately 700 km2 of the Polish parts of the forest. Altogether it contains more than 50 billion 1 m³ blocks.


Bialowieza in Minecraft


More than 50 billion blocks. Read how it was made.



To the Last Tree

The campaign ‘To the Last Tree’ based on Białowieża in Minecraft really hit the media and it won a large number of prizes

/tp 9108 84 3401
/tp 7505 72 -5072
/tp 6986 61 -3301
/tp 4549 94 7270
/tp 7571 61 4236

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