Visit friends and build communities in Minecraft

Meet in a Minecraft version of the real world


Are you looking for ways to stay connected with your friends? Do you miss DOING stuff together with friends, neighbors, or fellow citizens?

Do you want to give people in your neighborhood a way to meet while still keeping the distance?

We create Minecraft maps of the real world that you can use to keep your community connected.

Map sizes

2 km by 2 km, or 4 km by 4 km, or larger.

Design options

Choose biome type, building colours, and type of underground. See the options here.


We create Minecraft maps in both the java and bedrock formats. Bedrock is for use in Minecraft Education Edition and in Minecraft for Windows10.


A 2 km x 2 km for a consumer is 50 USD. Other prices depend on how long it will take us to produce your map, and how it’s going to be used. The price is higher for an agency that wants to charge Minecrafters to enter a server than for a teacher who wants to meet her students in a Minecraft version of their city.

Your area in Minecraft?

If you want a 2 km by 2 km map of your neighborhood to play in, just go directly to our WorldBloxer page.

If you want a map for MULTI-PLAYERS, a LARGER map, or if you represent a company or an institution (all non-consumers):

Want to know more?

Go to our frequently asked questions and learn more about what to expect – and what not to expect with your WorldBloxer Minecraft map.

Want a map for single-user only?

Price: from 50 US$

Already downloaded a map?

Paris in Minecraft - an example

An overview of Paris in Minecraft

The 3D model of Paris is made in Minecraft with quartz buildings and a ‘hot wet’ biome. The model is 4 km by 4 km and made solely from OpenStreetMap data.

Locations created in Minecraft for community projects around the World