GeoBoxers have created the Tasmanian town Burnie in Minecraft. The Minecraft model will be open for locals to take their mind off the covid-19 pandemic. 

The map is 4.5 km by 4.5 km and created in the Bedrock format (for Windows10 and Minecraft Education Edition).

Overview of the Minecraft map

If you are curious to see how Burnie looks in Minecraft, just CLICK on the image below to zoom and pan around in an overview of a part of the map.

If you are a involved in the project, you can use the overview for navigation in-game. Read coordinates from the overview to teleport yourself around in Burnie in Minecraft.

Click on the image to zoom and move around in an overview of the map. 

Burnie in Minecraft

Burnie in Minecraft.

Overview of Burnie in Minecraft


To create Burnie in Minecraft GeoBoxers used a 1 m x 1 m digital elevation model from the ELVIS-portal, hydrography data from the LIST portal together with data from OpenStreetMap.

Links to data: 




Burnie in OpenStreetMap

Burnie. ©OpenStreetMap contributors.