GeoBoxers have created a map of a neighborhood of Utrecht, the Netherlands. Overvecht in Minecraft is made for STIPO in the Netherlands. The Minecraft model will be used during the Corona-crisis to involve children and their families in designing a green route  through the area.

The map is 2 km by 2 km and made solely from open data. Digital terrain data is from the SRTM, and the topographical data is from OpenStreetMap.

Overview of the Minecraft map

If you are curious to see how Overvecht looks in Minecraft, just CLICK on the image below to zoom and pan around in an overview of a part of the map.

If you are a involved in the project, you can use the overview for navigation in-game. Read coordinates from the overview to teleport yourself around in Overvecht in Minecraft.

Click on the image to zoom and move around in an overview of the map. 

Overvecht in OpenStreetMap

Overvecht. ©OpenStreetMap contributors.