Trondheim in Minecraft

In the Norwegian municipality Trondheim they are not afraid to ask young citizens how they would like their city to look in the future. As an example for this year’s Maker Faire in Trondheim, the project ‘Barn i Sentrum‘ invites children to build their vision of the area ‘Nyhavna’ in Minecraft.

GeoBoxers were asked to build a model of Trondheim in Minecraft. We created the model from the city’s own excellent data; terrain model, map / GIS data and 3D buildings. The model of Trondheim is built with 1-m Minecraft blocks and includes all roads, waterways, buildings, vegetation etc.

In Trondheim, we believe that the voices of children and young people are crucial when we build a good city.

Barn i Sentrum

Trondheim Kommune

Click on the image below to pan and zoom in an overview of Trondheim in Minecraft:

Click on the image and see the overview of Trondheim in Minecraft. 


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