A short description of the WorldBloxer Minecraft options

When ordering your WorldBloxer model there are certain choices you need to make.


First and most important is the visual expression of the buildings. You can choose between

  • Funky
  • Quartz
  • Stained Clay

Funky is a classic look. Buildings are of stone, windows of clear glass. Small variations in colors.


Quartz is an even classier look. Buildings do not have windows. Architects, engineers and other boring people will love this look. Maybe also masons and others who love stone. Get your hammer and chisel and personalize it!


Stained Clay is for the party people. Colors are selected randomly both for roof and walls. Stained glass for windows.


A biome decides a LOT in Minecraft. For detailed information of what a biome will do for you, look here “LIIIINK”. You will have five different biomes to choose from: 

  • Arctic
  • Hot dry
  • Hot wet
  • Hot red
  • Savannah
  • Temperate

Arctic is cold. If you want a feel of Denmark in the winter – choose arctic. Not much will grow here except for some oversize ice cubes. Oh – it doesn’t rain! It snows. You will encounter this kind of biome in North America (Canada, Alaska, Greenland, Northern Scandinavia, Finland, Russia, ..)

Hot dry

Your standard run-of-the-mill dessert. Here you will find cacti and dead bushes. You will also find not find water. 

You could choose this biome for dessert scenes (Sahara, Middle East countries, Southern parts of North America (Mexico), …)

Hot wet

OH the humidity!! Grass, taller grass and trees. 


If only Minecraft had giraffes! Trees are here a little more savannah’ish. Flowers here and there as well. 


This is more like it


Hot red

Warm, with trees and red terrain

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