GeoBoxers are happy to announce, that WorldBloxer (BETA) is now live! Pick any location on the surface of the Earth, ‘blox’ it with WorldBloxer and use it in Minecraft (pc/Mac versions only).

Based on mapping data from OpenStreetMap and elevation model from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission our engine is ready to make 1 km x 1 km Minecraft maps on-demand covering your hometown, your favorite vacation spot or a place in the middle of nowhere, where you would like to settle as a Minecrafter. Use WorldBloxer maps as templates in Minecraft to perfect your own version of the world. 


San Fransisco, USA

Paris, France

New York, USA

Tokyo, Japan

Solomon Islands

Cairo, Egypt

Why do we call it templates?

When the real world is bloxed in Minecraft, you do not get exact 3D models of the locations as you know them. The world isn’t perfect, and neither are the data describing it – basically what you get with WorldBloxer is what you can see on OpenStreetMap. If your house is not in OpenStreetMap, it will not be included in a WorldBloxer map. Even if your house IS in OpenStreetMap, it will most likely be an empty box in the WorldBloxer map – because in general buildings are not registered with their correct height and roof shape in OpenStreetMap. That’s why we call it templates.

Getting started with WorldBloxer

Go to, take a moment to read more, download free samples and try it out – or go directly to WorldBloxer and let yourself be guided to order and purchase your own 1 km x 1 km piece of the real world in Minecraft.

Have fun!