For the first time in Denmark, real mines are imported into Minecraft after being 3D laser scanned. Viborg Kommune has contracted GeoBoxers to set up a Minecraft-server based on open data from the Danish Geodata Agency and including two old mines, Moensted and Daugbjerg kalkgruber. The mine in Moensted is the largest limestone mine in the world. In addition to the two mines we will add a 3D model of the city’s new town hall. The server will be used for turism, user-involvement and education. It will be presented in a few weeks during an animation festival in Viborg.

In a later blog post we will describe the interesting algorithms developed to generate the underground structures. Stay tuned for more…

5grube 2014-09-03_21.06.25


Rigtige miner i Minecraft.

GeoBoxers og Viborg Kommune har indgået aftale om opsætning af Minecraftserver for hele kommunen. I Viborg i Minecraft vil man kunne gå rundt inde i Mønsted og Daugbjerg kalkgruber, og også det indre af Viborg Rådhus kan besøges. Viborg i Minecraft bliver præsenteret i forbindelse med Viborg Animations Festival og vil efterfølgende blive brugt til turisme, borgerinddragelse og undervisning.

3Grube 2014-09-03_21.06.01


Viborg Animations Festival

Mønsted kalkgrube

Daugbjerg kalkgrube

Danish basic data program

“Denmark in Minecraft” – Danish Geodata Agency