Vibcraft is now real, live and ready to be used in tourism, urban planning, education and for fun! The whole municipality of Viborg in Denmark has been launched in Minecraft. On a basis of open basic data like terrain models and topography, Vibcraft includes real mines and geology, local 3D city model, crops in fields, address data and so much more.

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Access to Viborg in Minecraft

Serverurl: (server runs version 1.7.10) – update: server now runs 1.8!

User overview in map:

Information for users (in Danish): 

In Minecraft: To see the limestone mines: . /warp moensted and enter through the purple portal.

Check out our Vibcraft gallery
Images from the city of Viborg and the world’s largest limestone mines in Moensted and Daugbjerg.




For more images of Moensted: Gallery: Moensted in Minecraft.

Vibcraft on TV

A short clip (in Danish) showing Viborg in Minecraft at the animation festival.

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Viborg Kommune

Viborg Animation Festival

Danish Geodata Agency – data download