Minecraft maps of the real world from GIS and geospatial data


Do you have data? Custom Minecraft maps for professionals

Minecraft has shown to be a very suitable tool for education, urban planning and visualization.

GeoBoxers Minecraft maps of the real world are created from all kinds of GIS, geospatial and architectural data. Let us handle the data, so that you can focus on game play, content and user engagement. GeoBoxers Minecraft maps can be used directly on your local computer or online in a larger community.

No project is to small or BIG – we have made everything from single buildings to a whole country in Minecraft. And Mars!

Make your own city in Minecraft map

Use our on line service: WorldBloxer (BETA)

Point, click, choose design, purchase and download 1 km2 of the real world for use in Minecraft. 

From OpenStreetMap and SRTM data.

Introductory price 5 $ 

Custom map:

Copenhagen in Minecraft - an overview

WorldBloxer map:

Do you have 5$ and want to play Minecraft in a model of your own neighborhood? Make a map with WorldBloxer

Do you have data and $$ and want a custom map of a whole city, region, country, planet? Contact us