Minecraft in the real world for professionals

The real world in Minecraft for citizen participation and engagement

Since 2014 GeoBoxers have created Minecraft models of locations all around the globe. We use all kinds of available mapping and geospatial data to make realistic versions of the real world in custom Minecraft maps. Our customers are eg. city councils, planners, architects, and schools. Want to know more about ways to use Minecraft as a professional? Read here.

You already know a Minecrafter

Minecraft has more than 100 million registered users worldwide, so chances are that you already know someone who is familiar with the game. Minecraft has proven to be a unique tool to engage children and young people in real-world city problems. GIS and geospatial data come to new life when visualized in Minecraft, and the game lets its users manipulate the game world/data like no other GIS or game. Minecraft is easy to learn (for adults too) and it opens a whole new world of possibilities to engage citizens of all ages in real-life challenges.

If you are a Minecrafter or/and a teacher and want a chunk of your own neighborhood in Minecraft, check out our online on-demand service WorldBloxer (for consumers only!)

Some of our custom Minecraft projects

We have created Minecraft maps of all sizes; from single buildings to the whole country of Denmark. If you have an idea for a custom Minecraft project in your city, contact us